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29th October Republic Day of Turkey

The 29th of October is a highly crucial day for all Turkish people. The great founder of Atatürk declared that Turkey was a republic henceforth by establishing the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 29 October 1923. Since then, we have been celebrating the 29th of October and commemorating Atatürk proudly.

It is a certain duty as teachers and youth to convey this important date and its meaning to our younger ones.

Hence, I created these small cards for our students. They can draw the meaning of the date or they can prefer to write some words or sentences for the day on them. You can hang these cards on the walls, doors, or bulletin boards later on.

Expected outcome: The student is able to grasp the meaning of the importance of the foundation of the Turkish Republic and express his/her feelings about this important date.


Making Conversation with "Want To"

These slides will help your students to make fluent conversation with the phrase "want to". They can build questions and answer them. They can also benefit from the background pictures to give them some ideas while making conversation.

Expected Outcome: The student is able to make a question with "want to" and answer it.

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My Family

This two-page SEMI-CONTROLLED simple WRITING exercise about FAMILY MEMBERS is the best way to get the students ready for writing a paragraph.

On the first page, students are going to visualize their family members and then, fill a simple chart where they can write two or two words of information about their family members.

On the second page, there is a small sample paragraph in which students might get help. Under the paragraph, students are going to make sentences by extracting the information that they wrote in the chart above.

Expected outcome: The student is able to write a simple paragraph about his/her family members by using listed information.


Project-Based Learning-Making a Travel Ad

This poster is a helpful guide for your students and for the teacher who can easily evaluate each and every step of the project. In this project, the students will follow the steps and create a travel ad, then they will present their travel ad via a video tool.

Expected Outcomes: The student is able to make a travel ad by following the given project steps.

The student is able to present his/her travel ad.


Superlatives Warm-Up Activity

This is a small warm-up activity to prepare your students to internalize the basic verbs' superlative forms.

After showing the question pages and directing the questions, the teacher will pause and give a couple of minutes to the students to guess the right answer. After everybody guesses, the teacher will reveal the answer.

You can use the Canva link to show the pages as slides: Warm-Up Presentation

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